Allison Brito

Lead Doula & Owner

Hello! My name is Allison Brito.

As a doula, I offer you emotional, educational, and physical support during the birthing year. I specialize in comfort measures, informational support, and using affirmations and other verbal measures to release fear and gain confidence.

I have supported women:

  • Birthing in the hospital as well as at home
  • With and without medications
  • With plenty of family and partner support, as well as with very little
  • Vaginal births, including after previous cesareans
  • Cesarean births

I love to meet you where you are and help you achieve your goals so that you can feel satisfied with and empowered by your birth experience. 

I have been supporting families through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum since 2014, but birth (and all things related) has been a passion of mine for much longer, as my sister is a midwife. During my own two distinct labors, I have experienced both challenges (back labor, anyone?!) and joys (a powerful water birth). I have a background in education and love to share knowledge and resources that can inform your choices. I am also bilingual in Spanish and English.

In my spare time I love to perform in community theatre, travel to see family, and exercise the “spiritual gift of thrift shopping” that I inherited from my mother.


Global impact is important to me, therefore:

  • I donate a percentage of my proceeds to a local organization that fights human trafficking and protects vulnerable women and children. 
  • I purchase my materials (both educational and practical) from other small businesses and earth-friendly sources as much as possible.
  • I strive to pursue anti-racism by continuous education, and community engagement and advocacy. Feel free to browse some of the resources I have collected.


As a life-long learner, here are just a few of the relevant trainings I have incorporated into my practice.


  • Holistic Birth Doula - St. Brigid's Holistic Labor Care
  • Safety and Infection Control and Prevention - Childbirth International
  • Novice Rebozo - Gena Kirby University
  • Trauma-Informed Fundamentals for Perinatal Professionals - Resilient Birth
  • Dancing for Birth Professional - Level 1

In process:

  • Childbirth Education - Childbirth International
  • Birth and Bereavement Doula - Still Birthday

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