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Transforming Birth Experiences

Personalized Doula Services in Grand Rapids

Allison Brito Doula Services, based in Grand Rapids and serving the surrounding areas, provides compassionate and competent doula services for expectant parents. Our mission is to ensure new parents have the confidence and support they need to navigate their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey, and our 10+ ...

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Would You Like to Feel Empowered During This Transformative Time?

Our holistic birth doula services are thoughtfully designed to provide unwavering emotional support, physical comfort measures, and evidence-based information to empower you during this transformative time. With our personalized care, you can approach your birthing experience with confidence!

Our team of ...

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Compassionate Guidance Through the Postpartum Journey

The postpartum period is a unique and often challenging time for new parents. At Allison Brito Doula Services, we recognize the immense value of ongoing postpartum support. Our dedicated team is here to provide nurturing care, guidance, and understanding as you navigate the joys and challenges of the early stages ...

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Every Birth is Unique, Just as Every Person is Unique

We support your goals to help you rock your birth!

We support women:

  • Birthing in the hospital as well as at home
  • With and without medications
  • With plenty of family and partner support, as well as with very little
  • Vaginal births, including after previous cesareans
  • Cesarean births



We had our first child in a hospital setting. Allison's presence of mind, dedication to my specific needs and knowledge for my unique journey of labor (which included back labor and a posterior baby) gave me "permission" to embrace the kind of natural hospital birth I desired - completely empowering to both me and my husband! In my 2nd and 3rd child’s births, we chose to deliver at a birth center and having Allison back was an immediate and enthusiastic decision! She continued to build off her knowledge of my unique body and needs in order to help each birth become better and better! She will passionately advocate for/alongside you, while also completely respecting your position as her client. And her care for you continues on long after the delivery! She’s a good cook, too, haha. I can’t recommend her enough, and I’d be happy to share more with anyone wanting information.


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